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The mission of Pinky Minks  is to become a locally and globally renowned brand in the beauty community. Pinky Minks aims to encourage women to be the best versions of themselves whether it’s from using our one of a kind products or motivating them to strive to the top.


Our company’s driving motivation for starting Pinky Minks was to further the legacy of my aunt. She always wanted women to feel confident about being in their own unique skin. I’m also a girly girl who loves fashion and accessories—I mean, what girl doesn’t?! So, with that style as inspiration, I have decided to add a summer collection along with cosmetics to enhance our customers’ looks.

As a company, we work hard to reach all of our goals and to maintain a great customer service experience for each individual Pinky Minks comes in contact with. Our company takes pride in each and every single customer to make them feel confident as they shop with our brand.

Thank you for your ongoing support of Pinky Minks. We are way more than just your average lash extension and accessory company.

We're a family.



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